The Saltworks…..or my studio, aka The Tree House

Saltworks StudioMy life is busy and wonderful! It’s a menagerie of art, gardens, kids and grand kids, cats, dogs, boats and barns. You can bet that I could stay home every day being busy and happy moving between the garden, the studio and the carriage house.

Let me introduce my house. I am blessed with an 1833 Greek Revival home with a summer sleeping porch that I claimed for my studio. It’s attached to the master bedroom and away from the main flow in the house, and overlooks the garden. All of my friends call it the Tree House, up high and out of the way. I love working there, even on a cold winter day, with a cat or two keeping me company.

The Tree House is an inspiration in itself. We call the entire property “The Saltworks” as it was adjacent to the Ricketsons Point saltworks in the 1890s I sit high above the salt marshes and appreciate all that surrounds me.

The carriage house was built in 1915 as part of the renovation of the property. Every summer the beautiful carriage house becomes my summer show gallery. Everyone loves it, another time and place to showcase my work. The horse stalls, oat bins and interior detail have been restored to their original beauty. The cellar floor of the carriage house is covered with a layer of seaweed. Is it insulation or a desiccant……no one knows.

My garden was designed and built where an old clay tennis court once stood. Too far gone to be saved, I decided that the best use of the land was an English garden. Using to a book about New Bedford gardens in the 1840s to design the space, I selected plants from that era. I wish that I was a more conscientious weeder but I need to paint!

With love from the Tree House