Why I do what I do – I Think I’m a Beach Girl!!!!!!!!!

Beach GirlsI am very aware of my surroundings and I love where I live! One of the most frequently asked questions is, “What inspires you?” I guess I love where I live so much that the simplicity of this seacoast village on Buzzards Bay has rubbed off on me. Summers here are beautiful. The beach, the sea breeze, the boats all make for a wonderful, constantly changing scene. This is what inspires me.

One of my favorite subjects are “beach girls.” Sailing around this area and spending afternoons at the beach has given me enormous subject matter for my paintings. I tend to watch women on the beach. We are all alike – the painting “Black Bathing Suits” is a perfect example. A majority of women my age wear one piece black bathing suits. No matter where I went there I was in uniform!! The tank lives on! Add a baseball hat, a floppy straw hat and voilá – it’s every woman (including me) that I know!

Another of my favorite subjects are the women on the beach and their interaction with each other. The beach is a marvelous place to gossip, re-kindle friendships after a long winter or just reconnect with good friends. A great opportunity to catch up.

All of these possibilities appeal to us. I love it when women enter my exhibit space, move toward a particular painting and attach names to the various women, saying “that’s what we do!”

Beach girls are an important part of my recent works. I also love what I call my “beach simple” work. I love laundry lines, old bicycles, beach chairs, summery porches, you name it, I speak summer! It is the simple statement of my work that speaks to people. Even my Christmas cards, boats filled with greens, Adirondack chairs with wreaths on the beach, lifeguard chairs decorated for the holidays, or a bicycle on a snowy beach with a basket full of greens for a winter visit to a placed well loved. I know and appreciate these little snapshots of life. They cause you to stop and realize how lucky we are to have simple things in our lives.