Silkscreen Prints

Sandra’s Process for Silkscreen Prints

“Silkscreen prints are created from my original artwork drawings or paintings. I then take the artwork “apart” by colors, redesigning it into individual segments for the multiple printings of each color in a silkscreen press.

A stretched silkscreen is masked off allowing ink to permeate through onto the paper only in precise locations for each color. Exact registration of both the colors and the paper position in the silkscreen press are mandatory for production of high quality silkscreen prints. Ink is applied to the screen and forced through the silk by hand with a long rubber squeegee. This procedure is repeated for each color in the print and for each print in the edition. I usually limit my silkscreen print editions to 50 pieces.

Silkscreen printing is a highly graphic process that creates a strong, colorful piece of artwork.”

Childrens Prints

Giclee Prints